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Curbar 5L Race Vest

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The race vest is plenty big enough to carry my first aid kit and supplies for when I’m run leading with pockets to secure my phone, tissues, hand sanitizer, soft flask, snacks, keys, bank cards and cash. Plus more pockets I haven’t stuffed full on a long run yet! The bag stays put and is really light and comfortable - Bob Searle

I tested my Harrier vest out on a 5k as I wanted to wear it for a 21k event and I didn't want it to be uncomfortable or chaff.  I must say, the amount of pockets available are brilliant.  My old vest only had front pockets and a big back one - this has numerous front pockets, side pockets and a back pocket which can fit a bladder.  There are also straps enabling me to attach my drink cup, a zip pocket - which was a good place to put my keys as it is more secure and a whistle - just in case!  It stayed in place during my 4 hour half marathon and didn't chafe at all.  I didn't know I was wearing it!  I really recommend - Paula Lakhani