Clare Goddard

I joined MVR's in September 2017, I was the one who had convinced myself I can't run, everything hurts, I'd be last in the group, I can only run for 2 minutes, I just can't do it! Confidence was low. My friend persuaded me that this group was special and so I went along. Before I knew it, I was encapsulated into an extremely supportive group with incredible leaders. Debbie & Paula lead this group with experience, passion and dedication and the warmth filters down through everyone. Michelle joined us and jumped in to help lead and support. Subsequently personal goals are reached all the time as we are encouraged and inspired to push our self limiting beliefs!   

Louise Sutherland

When I signed up for the London marathon, Debbie shared a post on the mole valley runners group asking if anyone wanted to go an a training run with us, and I haven’t looked back! A group of us met, and grew each week and I’ve made some friends for life! When I became injured and cut back to join the “plodders” rather than the marathon group, everyone was so friendly and supportive and helped get me back on my feet and moving! 

Liz Pemberton

 A friend recommended Mole Valley Runners plodders group to me as I was starting out training on my own for Brighton Marathon. I’m not built like a runner and I don’t have youth on my side so I needed a comfortable environment to run in. Mole Valley Runners has given me that and so much more.  Everyone is friendly and supportive. We all have different motivations and abilities and that’s ok.  Some people enjoy trail, others like pavement, some prefer to run in the day, others in the evening, some like to enter events, others don’t. Thanks to the run leaders there are runs at different times of day or evening through the week and in varying locations, so there really is something for everyone.  Fantastic group. Come and join the fun.

Sarah Jesman

Mole Valley Runners is most definitely the best running club. MVR has brought out the runner in me, lead by the brilliant Debbie, the whole team have been so supportive during my journey. I started out struggling to run for more than 20 seconds and now with the help of the 0-5k running course and the group runs I smashed my goal of a continuous 5k run and ran my first proper race. I now actually enjoy going for a run which I never thought I would. I don’t think I would have managed it

Lucinda Lighting

I joined MVR in June 2018 and right from the start the group were welcoming & encouraging and running with them has got me out and about in the local area, exploring new trails and routes I would never have found. MVR club runs have become the main focus of my week and give me the head space I need and love and introduced me to some brilliant people that are always encouraging, caring and happy to help.  

Michael Seamen, National Running Show

Mole Valley is a fantastic and inclusive community running group. Whether you are just getting started or a veteran runner they have something for everyone. 

Bob Searle

Since starting with Mole Valley Runners in October 2018 my running has greatly improved and I have had a lot of success with losing weight. I can also run up hills a lot more easily than before I joined. I have found the club to be extremely welcoming, encouraging and non-judgemental. I have good days and bad days with running but I never feel that I am letting others down. I just do my best and the running groups adapt around me and any others who are struggling on the day. I particularly enjoy chatting with everyone as we run through the stunning countryside in the Bookham / Effingham / Horsley area. We ran by some frogs on the path by the lakes on Bookham Common on Tuesday evening and  we see plenty of natural wildlife on Monday and Thursday mornings in the woods  and through the fields. I have lived in Bookham for 25 years and I didn't know we had such beautiful fields, lakes and woods. As a seemingly non-competitive  running club, it's amazing how many 10k races, half-marathons and marathons that we all enter. Also, it's great to have welcoming MVR club members there to  greet me on Saturday mornings at the Denbies park run.  

Hannah Hennessy

Took me ages to join the club and take up the courage and would love others to see how wonderfully supportive and encouraging the group is. 

Karianne Di Salvo

I was one of those who hung in the wings for a good 6 months before I got the courage to go for a run. And I am so glad I took that step! The MVR community is absolutely amazing. When I moved to Dorking 3 years ago, I had no local friends - now I know an awesome group of people, that have not only supported me in my running but have helped me through a difficult year personally! Mole Valley Runners, you are all awesome and I am happy and proud to be a part of this great community!

Carolynn Royce

I was one of those who couldn’t decide for weeks whether to take the plunge but eventually I did and haven’t looked back. MVR is such a supportive community and I’ve made some great friends. I’ve also learnt a lot which has been quite humbling. Thanks MVR. 

Danielle Harris 

The MVR community is just the BEST! I only joined in January and I remember Paula giving me the confidence on that first 5km run, on a cold Monday morning, that I wouldn’t be left behind! Then last Saturday Debbie and Simon assuring me I wouldn’t be left behind on the midnight marathon!  I love how all the members are so supportive of each other (which goes beyond the realms of running) and I can’t imagine not being part of MVR. I have met some incredible people and made some fantastic friends. Runs with MVR have become my ‘happy place’. No matter what is going on in my life I know a run with MVR will always make my day better!

Kirstie Nicholls

I only recently joined properly having been a Facebook member and following from a distance for a while. I was totally put off running clubs several years ago after a bad experience of being ditched on a group run on my own in the dark and it took me a long time to build up the confidence to join another one. This club couldn't be more different! I've only done a few group runs so far, but have loved that all abilities and distances are welcomed equally, as are all achievements. MVR is the best! 

Liz Joss

I haven’t been a member for too long but have started to really enjoy coming to Tuesday evenings - but need to join a few more days. The support is fantastic and advice, didn’t really know what to expect when joining a club but like yourself love really / seeing all the posts on different distance runs, achievements and the encouragement everyone gives. 

Leanne Davies, Founder and Creator of Run Mummy Run

I have been running with Mole Valley Runners for 2 years now and I am so pleased to have found this local group.  They are incredibly supportive and encouraging.  The environment is completely inclusive of all abilities and their running groups cater for this which offers the runner a non-pressurised environment where they can flourish and enjoy their running.  As the club has grown they have been able to offer more runs so there is now something for every level of runner.  I would highly recommend anyone in the Mole Valley area who enjoys running to join their Facebook group and see what is on offer and be part of a truly wonderful running community.

Sylvia McDonald

Having been a spin addict for the last 10 years, I was a little stuck when the gyms closed in March 2020.  Never having enjoyed running, my sister (the Sergeant Major) talked me into it and I progressed pretty well and joined the Plodders as soon as we were all let out again.  From there, and with the help of more lockdowns and club members, my running went from strength to strength.  I am now doing 2 or 3 runs a week (in between boot camps) and one of them is usually around 18k - next stop half marathon (fingers crossed).  I could never have done this without MVR (and the Sergeant Major of course) and the fantastic people that have coached and supported me along the way.  Great friendly club - no matter what level you are at and what level you want to reach.

Alison Jackson

I really became aware of how amazingly supportive MVR is during the first Corona Virus lockdown.  Although I was a member of another running club, when lockdown hit, I was lost for support and lacked motivation.  My existing club just closed up pretty much, so I felt alone in this new crazy world - and then MVR started its crazy challenges and included anyone who needed them.  I can't begin to thank them enough for making me so welcome, taking me under their wing and giving me a new drive for my running.  What ever your ability, whatever you want to achieve, MVR is there for you.

Sarah Stanton

What do I love about MVR?

Having started running in 2019, a friend told me about a local running club and suggested I join.  I was far too nervous to run in the groups as I assumed I wouldn't be good enough.  I watched from the wings on the Facebook group and saw more and more that it was a club who had inclusivity at the very heart of its ethos and values.  The club actively encourages and genuinely celebrates all runners of all paces, distance, and experience.  In January 2020, I braved a club run and came back buzzing.  Up until that point, I had run mainly on my own and this opened a whole new world of running possibilities.  Since then, MVR has become part of my everyday life.  I have loved taking part in the challenges that have happened because of Covid and celebrating everyone's achievements, no matter how big or small.  Life is full of surprises and for me joining a running club, loving being part of it and wanting to have an active role in it, has been one of the best of those surprises.  I am so grateful to MVR for all the wonderful people I have met and all the inspiration it has given me, including to run a 5k round my garden, run around Bookham Common dressed as Where's Wally, run 100 miles in a week and hopefully soon to complete an ultra, all of which a year ago would have seemed completely unobtainable and bonkers!  From the bottom of my heart, thank you MVR.